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Sayyid Qutb and Nawab Safawi (Both Rafidees), Abu Zubayr Saleem Begg al-Ikhwani and Abu Fatimah Salman Awan (Both Practical Ghulaat al-Murji'ah), Defenders of Raafidees and Lickers of their Boots
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Sunday, July 21 2013 - by Admin
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Introducing the Agitated Leninist Revolutionaries Sayyid Qutb al-Raafidee and Nawab Safawi al-Shi'iyy.

To the right is a picture from 1953 of two Rafidi Innovators and deviants. The first is Sayyid Qutb. He was poisoned by Western, European materialist philosophies in the early part of his life, and in particular Socialism and Communism, and this ideological nurturing carried through into his Islamic days when he started writing his manhaj of the Raafidah and the Khawaarij in his books, from the earliest ones (late 40s early 50s) to the hardcore Kharijite books in the 60s. The Shaykh, Mahmood Shakir refuted this Rafidi Khabeeth in 1952 when a written battle took place in Egyptian newspaper columns between Shakir and Qutb. We have documented some of that in other articles in more detail (see this series). Sayyid Qutb made Takfir of some of the Companions and belittled Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhu) upon an ideological conviction and not a mere slip of the tongue. That ideological conviction was a Marxist, Communist notion of Social Justice and Qutb evaluated early Islamic history upon those ideas (see here), leading him into his Rafidee poison, which Mahmood Shakir aptly described as the "malice of the idolatrous western civilisation manifesting explosively in the heart of one claiming da'wah". Out of resentment Qutb altered some of the wordings he used in some of his books. The written record and Qutb's response to Shakir proved that he resented being corrected and he never removed the ideological conviction from his books which he published (in numerous editions) right until the end of his life. In fact, it was not possible for him to remove the ideological conviction since his books were actually founded upon it in the first place, which means that he could never really retract from reviling those Companions. At the end of the article, inshaa'Allaah, we will lay to waste the claim that Qutb recanted through a few simple observations.

The second heretic in the picture is Nawab Safawi al-Shi'iyy. He was a revolutionary who was trying to ferment a revolution against the Shah of Iran and was a leading member of the Fedayeene Islami (a revolutionary group like Sayyid Qutb's Ikhwan) and was involved in assassinations. Like his friend, Sayyid Qutb, he was imprisoned numerous times for his activities. Nawab Safawi was also an associate and ally of Ayatullah Khomeini who later led the Iranian revolutoin in 1979. It is also interesting to note that the concept of jaahiliyyah (all modern societies are disbelieving societies) was common between Mawdudi, Qutb and Safawi and upon this ideology rested their revolutionary methodologies.

In 1955 Nawab Safawi was involved in an assassination attempt upon Hussain Alaa, the Chief of Ministers, and he was subsequently given the judgement of execution along with three others. The Ikhwan al-Muslimeen in Egypt were part of a group that tried to convince the government of the Shah to excuse him from execution, but this was not granted and Nawab Safawi was executed in 1956. See this resource.

A statement related from Nawab Safawi is: (من أراد أن يكون جعفرياً حقيقياً فلينضم إلى صفوف الإخوان المسلمين), "Whoever wishes to be true Ja'fari (Shi'ah), then let him join the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood" as occurs in Mawqif Ulamaa al-Muslimeen Min al-Shi'a of Izz al-Deen Ibraaheem (p. 15). And Umar al-Tilmisani, the third supreme leader of al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen wrote in his book "Dhikriyaat, Laa Mudhakkaaraat" (p. 131), (كان طلبة الإخوان يحتفلون بذكرى نواب صفوي رئيس جمعية فدائيان إسلام الشيعية في إيران), "The students of al-Ikhwaan used to celebrate the mention of Nawab Safawi, the leader of the Jam'iyyah Fedaa'iyaan Islaam al-Shi'iyyah in Iraan." He also said in the same book, (ولم تفتر علاقة الإخوان بزعماء الشيعة فاتصلوا بآية الله الكاشاني واستضافوا في مصر نواب صفوي ، كل هذا فعله الإخوان لا ليحملوا الشيعة على ترك مذهبهم ! ، و لكنهم فعلوه لغرض نبيل يدعو إليه إسلامهم وهو محاولة التقريب بين المذاهب الإسلامية إلى أقرب حد ممكن), "And the connection between the Ikhwaan and the leaders of the Shi'ah did not slacken. They connected with Ayatallaah Kashani, and they invited Nawab Safawi to Egypt (hosting him as a guest). All of this was done by Ikhwaan not in order to make the Shi'ah leave their madhhab but they did this with a noble objective which their Islam called them to, which is to try and bring closeness between the Islamic madhhabs to the closest level possible."

All the above quotes reveal to us the true and real relationship between al-Ikhwaan and the Raafidah in general and between Nawab Safawi and Sayyid Qutb on this occasion and some of the objectives behind the meetings taking place.

Just Read the Argument of This Raafidee Regarding Sayyid Qutb's Takfir of Mu'awiyah and Others

In the book "al-Salafiyyah Bayn Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Imaamiyyah" (see inset of picture below) the Shi'ite author, Muhammad al-Katheeree, develops an argument in defence of the attacks of the Shi'ah against the Sahaabah. His argument is: So what if the Shi'ah protest the oppression of Mu'awiyah, Amr bin al-Aas and others, these Companions were guilty of that and rightly criticised and if you criticize us then what about Sayyid Qutb who explicitly made Takfir of these Companions for the very same for which we criticize them?!

In the scan above the author cites a number of statements from Sayyid Qutb in his book "Adaalah al-Ijtimaa'iyyah" where Qutb negates the Islaam of Mu'awiyah and the Bani Umayyah. If we had time we would translate the whole chapter, but that would be a diversion from this article. The reader, however, will have gotten the point at hand.

Two Ghulaat al-Murji'ah To Whom Defence of Sayyid Qutb Is More Beloved than Defending the Honour of Uthmaan (radiallahu anhum) Mu'awiyah, Abu Sufyaan, Hind, Amr bin al-Aaas

The two pretentious individuals whose history of activities over the years gives utter lie to any words they might adduce in defence of themselves are Abu Zubayr Saleem Begg al-Azzaamee al-Qutbee (pictured) and Abu Fatimah Salman Awan. Both of them are Takfiris. Both of them are hate-filled individuals who resent and hate the Salafi da'wah. They are intoxicated with rage and hate. It burns and consumes them. Day and night. We already mentioned how they dish out conceptual Prozac and Ritalin on their Ikhwani Awakening forums to the ignorant and foolish (learn more about this conceptual medication in this detailed article here on the Egyptian Revolution from two years ago and learn how these people are the most ignorant of the practical necessities of the aqidah and usool of Ahl al-Sunnah and that any knowledge they have of matters of creed is purely academic, useful only for academic debate, self-lauding and vaingloriousness).

So, there are two issues in front of us here. First, that these individuals love Sayyid Qutb more than they love Mu'awiyah and Abu Sufyaan (radiallaahu anhum) and the Companions from Banu Umayyah (Qutb negated Islaam from all of them) - as evidenced by their own activities over many long years. And the second connected point, is that they are Ghulaat al-Murji'ah practically speaking. Let us address these two issues, with the following notes:

The history of activity of Saleem Begg al-Azzaamee and Salman Awaan is a disgraceful and criminal one and one that convicts them squarely of loving Sayyid Qutb more than Mu'awiyah (radiallaahu anhu). Many people reading this article will not know the historical background of these individuals, in particular that of Saleem Begg, from the late 1990s, through the 2000s and into this decade. One has to be in the know of this history to truly appreciate this observation.

Shaykh Rabee' bin Haadee al-Madkhalee (hafidhahullaah) wrote a number of books (in the mid 1990s) refuting Sayyid Qutb in defence of the honour of the Companions and also highlighted Qutb's revilements upon the Companions. He was not the first to do so, as Mahmood Shakir had already refuted Sayyid Qutb's Rafidee poison over forty years earlier. From this point, the Qutbiyyah waged an intense war against the Shaykh which they continue up until this day, except that that they have been exposed thoroughly and the only thing keeping them going is the increase in hate and rage after seeing that whilst in the early 90s Sayyid Qutbs books could be easily promoted (and hence used strategically for the Leninist, Marxist, Trotsyite revolution they envisage to help them establish al-Haakimiyyah) - after the effects of Shaykh Rabee's book, the Ikhwanis, Takfiris in general became scared of mentioning the name of Sayyid Qutb, it became a liability and was rendered toxic and harmful to the cause. With their flagship "Qutbiyyah" destroyed and ruined, only the arrogant rats remain in the shipwreck of Qutbiyyah, and that is what we are dealing with in this article.

Whilst, these individuals should have been shocked at Qutb's Takfir of Mu'awiyah, Abu Sufyan, Hind, Amr bin al-Aaas and Bani Umayyah, (and at Abu A'laa Mawdudi's similar ideological line) they instead waged an intense and severe war against Shaykh Rabee', reviling him, abusing him and accusing him of every loathsome thing. This does not even need any proof, their activities are open and well known and they make a public display of this, it is an openly known matter it is mutawaatir about them. This is a clear indication that their activities are motivated by love, veneration and defence of Sayyid Qutb and this in turn proves that Sayyid Qutb is more beloved in their hearts than those Companions whom Qutb made Takfir of, a matter he never made tawbah from, and the proof is upon the claimant. Almost 50 years after the Rafidee's execution, and we still do not have any evidence of a tawbah.

O Allaah, we ask you to raise us on Yawm al-Qiyaamah with Mu'awiyah bin Abu Sufyan, Amr bin al-Aas (radiyallaahu anhum), Shaykh Mahmud Shakir and others who defended the honour of Mu'awiyah, his parents and the Companions of Banee Umayyah and we ask you O Allaah to raise Abu Zubair Saleem Begg and Abu Fatimah Salman Awan with Sayyid Qutb and Mawdudi and that you raise Sayyid Qutb and Mawdudi with Khomeini, Khameini, Kashani and Safawi for indeed the love of these Ghulaat al-Murji'ah is greater for Sayyid Qutb than it is for the honour of Mu'awiyah, his parents and the Companions of Banu Umayyah whom Qutb made Takfir of and for which there is no evidence of any tawbah that meets the conditions of an acceptable tawbah - [rather Qutb continued upon this ideological conviction, unrepentantly, right through to the 1964 edition of al-Adaalah al-Ijtimaa'iyyah which retained that Rafidee poison against Uthmaan, Mu'awiyah and the Bani Umayyah (radiallaahu anhum)]. It is for Qutb's sake that these Ghulaat al-Murji'ah wage the fiercest of wars against the people of the Sunnah - a matter that is mutawaatir from them. And hence, they manifest their extremist, extremist Irjaa' in that whereas the tasdeeq in their hearts of the excellence and virtue of Mu'awiyah and Amr bin al-Aas should have filled their hearts with disgust at Qutb's ideological position against them, they instead turned the disgust of their hearts to those who defended these noble Companions from the Rafidee poison of Sayyid Qutb - and thus their eemaan in this regard is the eemaan of the Jahmiyyah - and refuge is from Allaah - namely, the attainment of al-eemaan al-waajib (the obligatory eemaan) [in this case with respect to the Companions] through mere tasdeeq alone, absent the actions of the heart which must by necessity follow! And it is from the Divine justice that whereas they accused the Imaams and Scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah with Irjaa', it is they who physically and practically manifest the most extreme of Irjaa', the Irjaa' of Jahm bin Safwaan, and their actions prove and establish this in a matter than cannot be disputed except by the most lying and dishonest of people, since these actions of theirs are known to all people and are mutawaatir from them.

The Ghulaat Murji' psychology we are dealing with here is nicely explained in the following discourse (reproduced from this article) - and this will help us to establish the two points we are intending to make here (that their love of Sayyid Qutb is greater and that they are Ghulaat al-Murji'ah practically speaking):

A Few Notes on the Current Activities of the Qutbiyyah Ikhwaaniyyah

We see the Qutbiyyah coming out today in the blogs and forums with a fake display of jealousy for the Companions of Allaah's Messenger (alayhis salaam) and jealousy for the Islamic aqidah - and it burned them that they were described as such - but deep inside their own souls, they know that what they doing nowadays of claiming to defend Mu'aawiyah (radiallaahu anhu) is not genuine and it is not characterized by sincerity, and you might ask, how can you make such a judgment, and how can you make such a claim? The answer is that our deen is not the deen of the Murji'ah where we expel the actions of the heart from eemaan, such that we consider it plausible, admissible, acceptable and logical that:

Zayd knows full well for 10-15 years that Sayyid Qutb accused Mu'aawiyah of ghish, khadee'ah, and nifaaq (deception, treachery, hypocrisy), and that he made Takfir of Abu Sufyan and the whole of Bani Umayyah, and described Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhu) as a feeble, senile incapable old man, a plaything for those around him (to abuse and use) and one who used to dip his hand into the bayt ul-maal for the benefit of his family, and knowing all of this and what is much more than this, Zayd launched the severest of wars against the very Shaykh who was not the first one to bring Qutb's poison of the Raafidah to light, but he assaults, attacks, reviles, slanders, backbites and scorns this Shaykh, in private and in public, in writing and in speech, spending from his wealth to do so only because this Shaykh wrote books in the early 1990s in defence of Uthmaan, Mu'awiyah and others and in defence of the Prophetic Methodology in calling to Allaah, [and showing enmity to the Shaykh] out of anger for the sake of Sayyid Qutb and out of resentment that Qutb's status was diminished - proving that it angered him more that Shaykh Rabee' refuted Qutb than it angered him that Qutb reviled Mu'aawiyyah and Bani Umayyah and Uthmaan and others - and then after all those years, continuing upon this way, upon this anger and resentment (not for the sake of the Companions but for the sake of Sayyid Qutb), Zayd now comes along and starts displaying (fake) jealousy for Mu'aawiyah, claiming to be hurt by criticism against Mu'aawiyah (with crocodile tears), whilst at the same time continuing to attack, scorn and warn people from that Scholar (Shaykh Rabee') who wrote a whole book "The Revilements of Sayyid Qutb upon the Sahaabah" in which the honors of Mu'awiyah and the other Companions were exonerated. And alongside all of this he claims "I love Mu'awiyah, I'm defending Mu'awiyah".

The Deen of the Ghullaat al-Murji'ah

And this is the deen of the Ghullaat ul-Murji'ah who expelled the actions of the heart from eemaan. You see, as Ibn Taymiyyah pointed out, there is no such thing as just "pure knowledge", rather all knowledge is such that it implies and necessitates the actions of the heart (unless there are barriers present like arrogance and hatred which prevent the expression of those actions necessitated by the knowledge). This is unlike what the Jahmiyyah and the Ghullaat al-Murji'ah presumed that mere knowledge in the heart can exist without necessitating the actions of the heart, and through which obligatory or perfect eemaan can be attained.

And thus when the Sharee'ah knowledge reaches you of the status of the Companions, it necessitates the actions of the heart of loving them, defending them, honoring them and so on. Now, when you are angry and resentful that the Rafidee poison of a 20th century ignoramus is refuted and that his accusation against Mu'aawiyyah of ghish, khadee'ah and nifaaq (deception, treachery and hypocrisy) is exposed, as well as his negation of Islam from Abu Sufyan and Bani Umayyah as a whole (but it did not make you shake, shudder and scream in disgust that Qutb actually said that and persisted upon that after the hujjah was established) and further, that you revile, assault, attack defame and take every opportunity to belittle that very Shaykh who defended the honour of the Companions and refuted Qutb, alongside your knowledge that Qutb was refuted forty years ago in his lifetime by Mahmood Shakir, and never recanted but persisted upon that until his death - and then at the same time you claim you love Mu'aawiyah and the Companions and claim that you have brought al-eemaan al-waajib with respect to this matter - then you are the greatest of liars, and you are extreme in your Irjaa', the Irjaa' of the Ghullaat, Ghullaat ul-Murji'ah who claim the attainment of obligatory eemaan in the absence of the actions of the heart. And you are a shyster and insincere follower of desires, who is motivated not by jealousy for the Companion Mu'aawiyah, but for jealousy and anger for the sake of Sayyid Qutb, and it is nothing but jealousy for Sayyid Qutb and hatred for that Scholar that is behind all your current activites. And all praise is due to Allah who exposed you in broad daylight through your own actions!

An Illustration

Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah said in Kitaab ul-Imaan (7/187-188):

And it is from here that the error of the saying of Jahm Ibn Safwaan and whoever followed him becomes apparent, in that they thought that Imaan is merely the tasdeeq (assent) of the heart and its ilm (knowledge), and they did not make the actions of the heart to be from Imaan, and they thought that a person can be a believer, perfect in his Imaan (kaamil ul-Imaan) with his heart, and then alongside this he can revile Allaah and His Messenger, show enmity to Allaah and His Messenger, and show enmity to the Awliyaa of Allaah, and then he show loyalty to the enemies of Allaah, kill the Prophets, destroy the mosques, show disrespect to the Masaahif (pl. of mus.haf, i.e. qur'aan), honour the Kuffaar with great kindness, and disdain the believers with the greatest of disdainment. So they say that all of this is disobedience that does not negate the Imaan that is in his heart

Whilst noting here that Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah is demonstrating the repugnance of the Ghullaat al-Murji'ah through giving examples which are major kufr to illustrate how they divorced the actions of the heart from its speech, and thus, in turn, from the outward actions - the general principle (of the talaazum between the speech and action of the heart, and between the heart and the outward actions) nevertheless, still applies, and so we are going to illustrate here what these people are upon today of expelling the actions of the heart from eemaan, so here goes:

Hey, we have ilm and ma'rifah in our hearts regarding the status of Mu'aawiyah, and we acknowledge that he was the trusted scribe of the Messenger (alayhis salaam) who wrote down the revelation, (and what a lofty and honourable position of trust that is), and we know that the Messenger supplicated for him asking Allaah (اللهم اجعله هادياً مهدياً) "O Allaah, make him a guide, guiding others, and guided himself", and also we acknowledge that Mu'aawiyah is the Uncle of the Believers and we also have ilm and ma'rifah in our hearts regarding the status of Amr bin al-Aas, that the Messenger (alayhis salaam) said about the two sons of al-Aas (ابنا العاص مؤمنان), "The two sons of al-Aas are believers", and we also acknowledge that the Messenger also said (أسلم الناس وآمن عمرو بن العاص), "The most submissive (in Islam) and believing of people is Amr bin al-Aas", and we also have ilm and ma'rifah in our hearts that the Messenger said (عمرو بن العاص من صالحي قريش), "Amr bin al-Aas is from the righteous of the Quraish".

Alongside all of this ilm and ma'rifah and tasdeeq (assent) in our hearts, we are enraged, angry and furious that a Scholar amongst the Scholars, Shaykh Rabee bin Haadee al-Madkhali, has dared to point out what Sayyid Qutb fell into of reviling Mu'aawiyah and Amr bin al-Aas, accusing them both of lying (kadhib), deception (ghish), treachery or trickery (khadee'ah), hypocrisy (nifaaq), and taking bribes (rishwah) - see this article, and of what he said about Uthmaan (radiallahu anhu) that he was a feeble, senile old man, who got taken advantage of in his old age, was not fit for the rule, and would often dip his hands into the Bayt ul-Maal for the expediency of his family, and that those who revolted him were driven by the spirit of Islam of "eschewing evil". And it enrages us that this Shaykh wrote almost 200 pages as an encyclopedia of Sayyid Qutb's revilement upon those promised Paradise, "Mataa'in Sayyid Qutb Fis-Sahaabah". So we are going to set up in our hearts for this man a good share of enmity, rank hatred and scorn. But we won't stop there. We will then start ringing up other Scholars to try and cast aspersions about him so that the position of Qutb does not diminish in the eyes of the people. We are going to spend from our wealth in this regard, and we will work with all the guile, deception and trickery in trying to bring this man down. We will generate an atmosphere of animosity and hate that will lead the ignorant to make Takfir of this man who dared to speak about our pole and axis, and which will lead the people to accuse him of being a stooge and pawn and a hypocrite who praises the leaders. We will write on blogs, on forums, we will make propaganda for Qutb to try and defend him to the utmost, and alongside all of this "We love you Mu'aawiyah and we love you Amr bin al-Aas".

Then we are going to spend from our wealth and be willing to pay the search engines in order to avert and divert the people away from the website where the honor of Mu'awiyah was being defended in truth and in all sincerity of purpose to Islaam and the Muslims, and instead to our own fake (display) of love for Mu'awiyah, the true and real intent of which is to purely scorn and vilify that same Shaykh and to defend Qutb, and so the companion Mu'awiyah is really just a means to an end for us, and alongside all of this, "We love you Mu'aawiyah and we love you Amr bin al-Aas". And we will continue upon this, dedicated to this, for years and for years, venting our anger, frustration and scorn towards that Shaykh whilst allying with Qutb.

Thereafter, when it even becomes clear to us Shaykh al-Abani praised this Scholar for exposing Qutb's ignorance and deviation from the foundations and branches of Islaam (see here), and when it becomes clear to us that Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin defended this Scholar with a defence that constituted a smiting of our lips (see here), and when it became clear that Mahmood Shakir preceded this Scholar by forty years in refuting Qutb for the very same (see here and here) - then alongside the ilm, ma'rifah and tasdeeq of all of this, we are only going to increase in our enmity, hatred and opposition to this Scholar, and step up our efforts, all for the sake of that 20th century ignoramus non-Scholar in whose books there is nothing, after we take out the aqidah of the Rafidah, except the aqidah of the Jahmiyyah, Mu'tazilah, Ash'ariyyah, Jabariyyah, expressions of the Ittihaadiyyah and what is worse than the aqidah of the Khawaarij. So we are going to continue our allegiance for this man, and we are going to start appearing on the blogs and forums, with the aim of spreading shubuhaat and work stratagems and plots all aimed at fooling the naive and gullible and aimed at defending Qutb, drawing people towards his books as opposed to away from them, through the utility we find in some isolated, qualified sayings of some of the Scholars. And alongside all of these efforts to defend Qutb and to scorn that Shaykh, "We love you Mu'aawiyah and we love you Amr bin al-Aas".

Then we are not going to stop there, we are going to trawl through all of the sayings and writings of that one Scholar, to see if we can find any hint of speaking ill of any of the Companions, not because we care about the Companions, but because we want to defend our pole and axis, Sayyid Qutb and if and when we find anything, we are going to publish it, distribute, it and expend the greatest of efforts in letting the entire world know - in manner that we never did and we never will do for the refutations of Shaykh Mahmood Shakir and Shaykh Rabee upon Qutb for his evil slanders and revilements upon Mu'awiyah, Amr bin al-Aas and Bani Umayyah - and all of this for the sake of defending Sayyid Qutb (because it really grieves us that people should flee from his books - see here).

After all of this "We love you Mu'aawiyah and we love you Amr bin al-Aas", and we have indeed brought the obligatory eemaan (al-eemaan al-wajib) as it relates to these Companions of Allaah's Messenger (alayhis salaam).

This is the reality of these people, be not in doubt, this is what they themselves are saying through their actions, all we have done is to put their actions into writing!

Convicted By Their Own Actions

Further, this action (fake display of love and defense of Mu'aawiyah) from these individuals actually proves two things.

Firstly, that Shaykh Rabee' was right, and he was preceded in this by Shaykh Mahmood Shakir by more than forty years. So the mere fact that you are faking jealousy for Mu'aawiyah now, is an admission through your action that Shaykh Ibn Baz (see here), and Shaykh Mahmood Shakir (see here) and Shaykh Rabee' and others were all correct.

And secondly, following on from the first point, that these individuals are insincere. They are not doing this out of sincerity and out of love of Mu'aawiyah and concern for the honour of Mu'aawiyah, but it is out of venting anger, frustration and seeking revenge for the sake of Sayyid Qutb and NOT for the sake of the honour of Mu'aawiyah (radiallaahu anhu). What is the proof? Because we have not seen this same fervor, zeal, the spending of wealth (paying for Google ads), the setting up of websites, blogs and forums, in refuting what was said by Qutb against Mu'aawiyah, and how vile was the speech of Qutb, rather we have only ever seen this activity to defend Qutb and to attack the one who refuted him! And these people know it, they are witnesses over themselves.

Why the Qutbiyyah Attack Shaykh Rabee'

The activities of these people that we see now on the blogs and forums are only taking place because Shaykh Rabee' refuted their symbolic figureheads whose ideologies they are actually upon - they are not upon the methodologies of the Salaf- from the greatest of which is to shun the Innovators and their books, especially those that contain the major innovations whose deviation is famous and well-known such as the bidah's of the Raafidah and the khawaarij. Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin explained why these people attack Shaykh Rabee' and it pretty much ends this entire matter - you don't need any more reasons and explanations as to why these people are doing what they are doing, they've already been convicted by the perspicacious and deeply insightful statements of the Imaams of the religion. Go to this article and read what Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin said about these people in explanation of the reason for them trying to tarnish Shaykh Rabee' with faults. Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin said in response to a question regarding those who attack Shaykh Rabee'

رأينا هذا غلط وخطأ عظيم ، والشيخ ربيع من علماء السنَّة ومن أهل الخير وعقيدته سليمة ومنهجه قويم ، لكن لما كان يتكلم على بعض الرموز عند بعض الناس من المتأخرين وصموه بهذه العيوب ، أعرفت ؟

We consider this to be a great error and mistake. Shaikh Rabee' is from the Ulamaa of the Sunnah, and from the people of goodness. His aqidah is sound and his manhaj is strong and sound. However, when he began to speak about some of the symbolic figureheads of some of the people, from amongst the latecomers they began to tarnish him with these faults. Do you know [this] now?

So this makes a lot of things clear. The truth is clear and the actions of these people are clear.

Stretching the Rope And Giving Them A Little More Does Not Even Benefit These People

Now lets go further, even if we push everything else aside - lets throw out Wahdat ul-Wujood, and lets throw out Qutb's bid'ah of the negation of "hawaadith" following the way and style of the Jahmiyyah, and all the Jahmee, Ash'ari, Mu'tazili doctrines found in az-Zilaal, and let's restrict ourselves to only two things, Qutb's aqidah of the Rafidah and his aqidah of the Khawaarij, and he died upon these things, then that would be enough for you to consider him an Innovator, who died an Innovator, for he never recanted from his Rafd and nor from his Khaarijiyyah which was worse and more severe than that of the very first Kharijite "Dogs of Hellfire", and upon whom, therefore, all of the usool of Ahl us-Sunnah apply as it relates to the Innovators and their books. So the fact that these people are willing to swim the oceans, conquer the mountains, enter into the deep and dark recesses of the earth, and venture out in sub-zero temperatures all for the sake of a 20th century ignoramus innovator, is sufficient to pass judgment upon them with following of desires - even if they try to deceive the people with the statement of this Shaykh and that Shaykh, drawing upon mere shubuhaat to defend a man in whose books there is nothing left of value (after taking out the greatest of misguidances found therein) except some cultural, literary excellence, and the skillful use of language.

It's All Fake ...

We never saw you displaying jealousy for Mu'aawiyah by setting up Google Ads to defend the honour of Mu'aawiyah, rather you only spent from your wealth to defend those figureheads who displayed actual hatred in their hearts towards Mu'aawiyah and the Bani Umayyah (see Mahmood Shakir break it down here), [those figureheads] who persisted upon this hatred, accusing Mu'aawiyah of deception, hypocrisy and treachery. So you spend from your wealth to divert and avert the people away from websites and articles (i.e. this one) that do nothing but defend the Islamic aqidah from these excesses and which contain nothing but statements from the Imaams and Scholars of the religion. And you are doing all of this not for Mu'aawiyah or for the Islamic aqidah, but it is to express your rage, revenge, anger, resentment and hatred for a particular Scholar. Vain deeds, vain deeds, vain deeds. And putting all of our differences aside, if you actually have any intelligence coupled with even the slightest speck of the fear of Allaah, you will know deep inside your soul that this could not have been a more accurate characterization of you, meaning what has been said by Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin (see here), and what we have explained above in this aticle (and further below) on the basis of what Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin and others have said.

So all of this helps us to understand the true nature of the activities of the Qutbiyyah who have come out of the woodwork and are now showing up on the blogs and forums. They only showed up because through this website, the "fikr" (ideology) - see excellent article here by Shaykh Saalih Aal ash-Shaykh, and the Rafidi aqidah and the Kharijite aqidah is being exposed, alongside the doctrines of the Jahmiyyah, Mu'tazilah, Ash'ariyyah, Ittihaadiyyah, Jabariyyah and others whose expressions are found in the works of Qutb. This is why these people have come out of the woodwork now, only to defend Qutb and to create shubuhaat and to spread shubuhaat about Shaykh Rabee'. That is their sole motivating factor, be not in any doubt about it, and they themselves know it deep in their souls. It is not because they are jealous for Mu'aawiyah (radiallahu anhu) and jealous for the Salafi aqidah. So we say once again, our deen is not the deen of the Murji'ah who expel actions of the heart from eemaan, and it is your own actions and activities that have passed judgment upon you, and have rendered you liars. walilllaahil-hamd.

The Alleged Retraction of Sayyid Qutb al-Rafidee

The two aforementioned Ghulaat al-Murji'ah (practically speaking) have attempted to present as defence of Sayyid Qutb, three statements, one from Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one from Abdullah al-Aqeel and one from Mohammad Qutb (Sayyid Qutb's brother). The common theme in each of these three statements is that Qutb had two stages, his early stage (in the early 1950s) and a later stage and that he allegedly stated that only his later books should be distributed and considered, and that these are six books in number.

They have presented this as an alleged retraction and repentance when it is absolutely nothing of the sort, and the hard facts and realities falsify these claims. These claims are part of the propaganda to defend Sayyid Qutb against all odds and to keep people attached to his heretical books.

In response the following points can be made:

  1. When you make Takfir of Mu'awiyah, his parents, Amr bin al-Aas, and the Banu Umayyah, then simply stating that "only my later books represent my true methodology" is not an acceptable and legitimate shar'iyy repentance, and this is known to the lowest student of knowledge of the usool of Islaam and Sunnah.

  2. As such, Sayyid Qutb did not make any tawbah - rather he persisted in his ideological poison right until his death, continuing to publish those very same books until they reached numerous editions. We have addressed this issue in some of these articles (see here, here, here and here).

  3. If Sayyid Qutb had any remorse and desired repentance and recantation for his Rafidee, Baatinee poison, he would have actually written it in his lifetime and would have distributed it and would have prevented his books from being published or he would have removed that poison completely and fully from his books. But how can that be when his books are actually based upon a full ideological conviction founded upon a Marxist, Leninist Communist notion of Social Justice, through which he evaluated and judged Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhu) and made Takfir of the Mu'aawiyah, his parents, Amr bin al-Aaas, and the Banu Umayyah - and he was adamant right until his death that they did not represent the "spirit of Islaam" and all he did was to make some of his remarks a bit milder so as to deflect criticism, not because he actually changed his vile, filthy Rafidee Baatinee views.

  4. The book "al-Adaalah al-Ijtimaa'iyyah" (Social Justice) in which Qutb unleashed his Marxist, Communist malice and poison against the Companions, making Takfir of some of them, was one of the last books published by Sayyid Qutb. The very first edition was published in 1949 before he went to America. It was published in numerous editions reaching the 1964 edition in which Qutb modified some words (without actually recanting from what he had written of poison against the Companions). You can see examples of those modifications in these articles (see here, here, here and here). This indicates that Qutb did not make any tawbah and he continued to push that ideological conviction of malice towards the Companions upon a Marxist, Communist reading of history.

  5. The only reason why these defences and excuses are being presented and distributed now by these Ghulaat al-Murji'ah is because the world at large has become aware of Qutb's Takfir of Mu'awiyah, his parents, Amr bin al-Aas and his blanket Takfir of the Companions from Banu Umayyah and the fact that he maintained this malice right until the last editions of his book(s). If Qutb had truly repented then these people would have had that spread and distributed in the decades before his realities started to become clear in the mid 1990s. This further proves that they are not motivated by defence of the honour of the Companions but out of defence and veneration of Sayyid Qutb.

And with this we establish that these continued activities from Abu Zubair Saleem Begg and Abu Fatimah Salman Awaan prove that they are Ghulaat al-Murji'ah, filled with hate and resentment for the Salafi da'wah, its scholars and its callers, their actions being clear proof in broad daylight to all people of sane mind of this fact and that defence of Sayyid Qutb, washing his ideological Marxist Communist socks (of social justice) and licking his Rafidee boots is a loftier activity and more beloved to them than defending the honour of Mu'awiyah and his parents (radiallaahu anhum). By Allaah, they have passed judgement upon themselves by their own activies over the past years - their own actions speak of their conviction and all we have done here is to put in writing what their actions have dictated to us!

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