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All praise is due to Allaah and may prayers and salutations be upon the Messenger. To proceed:

About this Website

This website was set up on 19th December 2009 in response to an individual who took upon himself the task of dedicating a website specifically to defame and malign the methodologies of the Scholars of the Sunnah using gutter-press methods. This individual, out of hate, spite and resentment set up his website on 5th December 2009 as a means of seeking revenge against what the Noble Scholars of this religion had put forward of refuting the evil effects of 20th century non-Scholar thinkers to whom he is showing an intoxicating type of bigotry. There was no intention nor any interest to set this website up. However, in the circumstances it became necessary.

What Is Intended by the Term "Madkhalis"

The terms "Madkhali" and "Madkhalis" or "Madaakhilah" are used and applied in a derogatory sense by numerous factions of people in order to scapegoat one particular Scholar for their own woes and for the demise and downfall of their innovated methodologies and their figureheads (see further below). In reality, this is not about one particular Scholar. They use these terms in order to veil and conceal their hate, resentment and enmity to the generality of the Scholars of Ahl us-Sunnah, the people of Hadeeth and Athar, even if they make opportune attachments to some of them and some of their sayings.

The greatest and biggest grievance of these people is that the two broad methodologies of al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen (the Muslim Brotherhood), represented in:

  • The populist, mass-movement of Hasan al-Banna aimed at arriving at the Khilaafah (through involvement in the current secular political apparatus, by hook or by crook) and,

  • The Leninist approach of Sayyid Qutb who "Islamicized" the revolutionary ideologies of secular atheist Jews and in particular, Lenin's manifesto with an Islamic garb (see here).

The grievance is that these have been refuted, exposed and demolished by the Scholars of the Sunnah and they are grieved that some of these Scholars highlighted the great evil of al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen in splitting the ranks of the Muslims over the latter half of the twentieth century, embedding vile-partisanship in the Ummah, introducing their own legislations in their jamaa'aat and demanding pledges of allegiance to those legislations, rousing and inciting the people to make Takfir of the rulers and to topple them with Leninist type revolutions and so on. The fact that all of this was exposed and refuted, collectively by the Scholars out of naseehah to the people in their religion and out of obedience to Allaah and His Messenger to stand against what is foreign to Allaah's deen, has really grieved these people. A string of individuals such as Safar al-Hawali, Salman al-Awdah, Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul-Khaliq, Adnaan Ar'oor, Muhammad al-Maghrawi, Abu al-Hasan al-Ma'ribi amongst others, were all responsible for propagating these methodologies, in varying layers of subtlety, concealed under a veil of what appeared to be Salafiyyah.

Many of these factions have come out in the name of refuting Secularism, and the claim of venerating the rule and judgment of Allaah, which is certainly a lofty and noble aim. This would have been believable, and their stances seen as congruent if it had not been for their behavior in rallying behind these Ash'arite Innovators who did not judge with what Allaah revealed, neither in their beliefs, nor in the methodologies they devised (taken from the non-Muslims such as the Leninist Marxists, Christian Philosophers and others), and who introduced legislations (al-Bannaa's Twenty Principles) other than those in the Book and the Sunnah and took pledges of allegiance over them, demanding obedience from their followers upon these legislations which they devised themselves, and which oppose the Sharee'ah, they instituted hizbiyyah into the deen of Allaah through their jamaa'aat, pledges of allegiance and manifestos, and they tore apart the unity of the Ummah and split it into factions through the hizbiyyah they institutionalized. This was the great evil that was present for decades and which the Scholars stood against and in particular Shaykh Rabee' bin Haadee al-Madkhali, and it is for this reason that most of their scorn is directed towards him, simply because he stood against these Ikhwaani methodologies and against those who were deceiving the people of the Sunnah, entering these methodologies to split Ahl us-Sunnah and turning them against the Scholars, and to amass followers for their Sahwah - simply continuing the work of Hasan al-Banna who proceeded upon a similar path, uniting everyone, the Jahmee, Soofee, Ash'ari, Raafidi Shi'iyy, Grave worshipper, along with the Salafi, all into a common purpose - to establish a khilaafah!

So we will be detailing some of these matters inshaa'Allaah on this website and illustrate that there the scholars are not with them upon their false and innovated methodologies which came to them from al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen.

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Qutbi Competition Corner - Test Your Aptitude for Defending Baatil (1)
Hasan al-Banna, al-Ikhwan and the Rafidite Shiah (3)
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aa'id al-qarnee aa'id al-qarni abbaas al- abbas el-akkad abd al-aziz aal ash-shaikh abdul-aziz aal ash-shaikh abdul-aziz ar-raajihee abdullaah al-farsee abdullah al-farsee abdullah azzam abdullah bin saba' abdur-rahmaan abdul-khaaliq abdur-razzaq ash-shayijee abu a'la mawdudi abu al-hasan al-ma'ribee abu sufyan ahmad shakir ahya al-adaalah al-ijtimaa'iyyah al-arsh albaanee albani alexis carrel al-fawzaan al-fawzan algeria al-ghazali al-ghudayan al-ikwan al-muslimoon al-istiwaa al-luhaidan al-mubarakfuri al-uluww amr khalid an-nawawi aqidah aqqaad ar-razi ash'ari asharis ash'aris ash'arite ash'ariyyah asha'riyyah az-zilal banna barbarism bayaan talbis al-qutbiyyah bayan talbis al-qutbiyyah christianity communism communist manifesto egypt excommunication extremism faith fawzan fi zilal il-quran fi zilal il-qur'an fikr frederick engels george bush ghaddafi ghulaat al-murji'ah ghuluww grave worship haakimiyyah habib ali al-jifree hadd hammad al-ansari hasan al-banna hasan al-maalikee hayyiz hind hudood ibn arabi ibn baaz ibn baz ibn hajar al-asqalani ibn hajr ibn jibreen ibn jibrin ibn saba al-yahudi ibn taymiyyah ibn uthaymeen ibn uthaymin ihyaa al-turaath imaan in the shade of the qur'an iranian revolution irja irjaa irjaa' istibdaal istihzaa jaahiliyyah jahmiyyah jamaa'at ut-takfir jameel zainoo jihah karl marx kashani khabar ul-aahaad khabar ul-wahid khameni kharijites khawarij khomeini khurooj kufr bawah leninism leninists libya madaakhilah madkhali madkhalis mahmood shakir mahmud shakir makaan makhlooq marxism marxist socialism mawdudi milestones mockery mohammad qutb mongols moosaa moses mu'awiyah mufawwidah mufawwidh muhammad al-areefee muhammad bin ibraaheem muhammad bin ibrahim muhammad sa'eed al-qahtani muqbil bin haadee muqbil bin hadi murji'ah nawab safawi nawawi qawaaneen qawanin qsep qur'an qutb qutbi qutbi manhaj qutbis qutbiyyah qutubiyyah raafidah rabi al-madkhali rabi bin hadi al-madkhali rafidah rafidah shi'ah revolutionary ideology safar al-hawali sahaabah sajid kaym sajid kayum salafi manhaj saleem begg salih aal ash-shaykh salih al-luhaydan salman al-aqdah salman al-awdah salman awan saudi saudi arabia sayyid qutb secular law secular laws secularism shaikh rabi shanqeetee shanqiti shaykh abd al-aziz aal ash-shaykh shaykh abd al-aziz bin baz shaykh abdul-aziz bin baz shaykh al-albani shaykh al-luhaydaan shaykh al-uthaymin shaykh ibn jibrin shaykh ibn uthaymin shaykh muhammad amaan al-jaamee shaykh muqbil bin haadee shaykh muqbil bin hadi shaykh rabee shaykh rabee' shaykh rabee bin haadee shaykh rabi shaykh rabi al-madkali shaykh rabi bin hadi al-madkhali shiah shi'ites shirk sifaat fi'liyyah social justice socialism soofee speech of allaah sufi sufism syria tabdeel tafweed tahkeem tahkeem al-qawaaneen tahkim al-qawanin takfeer takfir takfiris takhyeel tamyee' tashree' taswir al-fanni fil-qur'an tatars ta'weel tawhid tawhid al-haakimiyyah tawhid al-hakimiyyah tawhid al-hukm the companions ubaydullah al-mubarakfuri wahdat ul-wujood zilal

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