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The Satanic Path of Sajid Kayum's Slanderhouse Forums Evaluated in Light of the Prophetic Sunnah
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Friday, September 28 2012 - by Admin
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DOWNOAD PDF (28 pages):The Satanic Path of [Sajid Kayum's] Slanderhouse Forums

Sajid Kayum and the Amwaat.Morg Slanderhouse

Some background information from Part 1 of this series:

Sajid Kayum is the owner / operator of a forum and website that was established in the late 1990s and is affiliated with a group known as "Ahl al-Hadeeth Youth Association" and also "Iyhaa al-Turaath." These are Ikhwani organizations wearing the mask of Salafiyyah making a broad generalized attachment of the Salafi Scholars and whose statements, rulings and advices they often misconstrue and take out of context to justify their intense hatred and enmity towards Salafis who value clarity in their aqidah, manhaj and da'wah. Sajid Kayum and those with him (in Kuwait) began to follow Abdullah al-Farsee (see one small part of his reality here) in the late 1990s who led them to believe Imaam al-Albaani (rahimahullaah) had Irjaa' (see more on al-Farsee below). What has happened historically is that this slanderhouse forum has attracted many different networks and pockets of people who are characterized with a) cowardice, b) weak or introvert personalities, c) diseased with personal grievances, d) holding onto unhealthy resentments because certain personal agendas clothed with an outer layer of "da'wah work" were not decreed by Allaah to be successful for them. As a result, this forum became a gathering place for diseased hearts that needed an outlet for their frustration, anger and resentment. In short, these are wimps who do not have the manhood to come up to any of these callers face to face and make such accusations or to bring up and discuss their grievances. From here began the long history of posting alleged sins, slanders, speaking about the personal lives, and even families of many of the callers (du'aat), accusing them of fornication, adultery and other major sins all from unnamed people hiding behind these forums. This is despite the fact that fornication and adultery require four witnesses who have actually witnessed the event with their eyes or a person admitting that he has actually committed the act of fornication or adultery after verification that this person making the admission has not lost his faculties and is not intoxicated. And even then, it is still not permissible to spread this type of news amongst the Believers. The activities of these people even reached the level of making Takfir of some of the Salafi callers and comparing some of them with hypocrites such as Abdullah bin Ubayy. Such was the level of ghaydh (raging anger) in the hearts of some of these sick people - no doubt this reaches the level of a serious and fatal disease of the heart needing urgent psychological and psychiatric help. This activity has been allowed to continue by this hypocritical coward known as Sajid Kayum for well over 10 years. This is a matter so well-known and firmly established it does not even require any documentation (however, we do have everything saved nevertheless!). Further, some of the brothers who were slandered wrote emails to this forum owned and operated by Sajid Kayum but to no avail. Worse still, these gross slanders and lies have subsequently been taken by the greatest enemies of the Salafi da'wah, from the Jahmiyyah and Raafidah and Soofiyyah and Khawaarij and others, and further used to attack those callers and to prevent others from the Salafi da'wah. All of this will be on the shoulders of this coward on the Day of Judgement and likewise each participant on that slanderhouse will bear his own burden. Further, the subsequent transmission of these lies in the forums of the Jahmiyyah, Soofiyyah and Khawaarij - enemies of the da'wah of Ahl al-Sunnah will multiply the burdens of all those involved, multiple times over, what an evil condition and state to meet one's Lord! The Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said, "The servant speaks words, the consequences of which he does not realize, and for which he is sent down into the depths of the Fire further than the distance between the east and the west." Related by al-Bukhari and in a version of al-Tirmidhi, "The servant says something that he thinks is harmless, and for which he will be plunged into the depths of the Fire as far as seventy autumns."

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