Muftee Abdul-Azeez Aal al-Shaykh on the Saying of Sayyid Qutb About Mu'awiyyah and Amr bin al-Aas: It is the Saying of a Baatinee Khabeeth or a Yahoodee La'een and is the Epitomy of Nifaaq
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The Muftee on the Saying of Qutb: It is the Saying of a Baatinee Khabeeth or Yahoodee La'een, it Cannot be Said by a Muslim

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The Text:

أحسن الله إليكم يقول أيضاً السائل يقول ما رأيكم أيضا في قول القائل

( وحين يركن معاوية وزميله عمرو إلى الكذب والغش والخديعة والنفاق والرشوة وشراء الذمم لا يملك علي أن يتدلى إلى هذا الدرك الأسفل فلا عجب أن ينجحان ويفشل وإنه لَفَشل أعظم من كل نجاح) هل هذا الكلام من جملة سب الصحابة ؟

The Answer:

هذا كلام باطني خبيث أو يهودي لَعين ما يتكلم بهذا مسلم

عمرو بن العاص شهد له النبي بالجنة ومعاوية من فضلاء الصحابة وهم رضي الله لهم الدين وأهل وتقوى وصلاح لا يشك مسلم فيهم ولا فعلوا شيئا يعاب عليهم وكل ما قاله أولئك فمجرد فرية وكذب وتضليل وعياذا بالله عنوان نفاق ممن قاله

Question: May Allaah be benevolent to you, the questioner says, what is you view about the saying the one [who] says: "And when Mu'aawiyah, and his associate Amr inclined towards lying, deception, hypocrisy and bribery, and selling of liabilities, Alee was not able to sink to this lowest level. Hence it is not surprising that they should succeed and he should fail, for the one who failed is greater than every succeeder." Is this speech (considered) to be from the generality (of what comprises) reviling of the Companions?

The Muftee's answer:

This is the speech of a vile Baatinee or a cursed Yahoodee, a Muslim does not speak with this.

The Messenger testified for Amr bin al-Aas with Paradise and Mu'aawiyah is from the noblest of the Companions, and they, may Allaah be pleased with them, they have deen and piety and rectitude. A Muslim does not doubt with respect to them. And they did not do anything for which they can be criticised. And everything which those (i.e. the one who said this, Sayyid Qutb), is a pure fabrication, a lie, and misguiding of others (in the matter), and refuge is with Allaah. This is the epitomy of nifaaq from the one who said it.

Alhamdulillaah, the Qutubi shipwreck has now been set ablaze! By the year 2000, it had landed on the shores, battered ruined, with only the last few rats remaining, holding out. Now, it has been set alight and will perish altogether, walhamdulillaah!

Lightning Bolts upon the Ghulaat ul-Murji'ah

The First: The Extremism of the Irjaa' of the Qutbiyyah, in the East and the West, who imply - through the sum total of their activities in waging war against the Scholars of the Sunnah who refuted their figurehead - that alongside statements of kufr and zandaqah (Qutb has numerous statements of kufr as documented elsewhere on this site) - and almost every major innovation in history including the poison of rafd - a man can be an "Imaam of Guidance" on a par with the likes of Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Abd al-Wahhaab!

The Second: The absolute pin-point accuracy in the words of Shaykh Abdul-Azeez Aal al-Shaykh. First read how Qutb used to praise the revolutions of the Baatinee Qaraamitah disbelievers against the Muslims (in this article) in the same breath as praising the revolution against Uthmaan bin Affaan (radiallaahu anhu) by the Jew, Abdullaah bin Saba'. Then reflect upon the fact that Sayyid Qutb was poisoned by secular atheist materialist Jewish philosophies for a major part of his life which then began to manifest in his "Islamic" writings, where he poured scorn and revilement (and made Takfir of some of the Companions) due to a secular, materialist notion of "Social Justice" (see here) and which Shaykh Mahmood Shaakir aptly described in his advice to Qutb in his lifetime when (in the course of refuting Sayyid Qutb in 1952) he gave an example of "a sentimentalist towards Islam" (i.e. Qutb), who proclaims its defence, and in whom there is found the violent explosive expression of all of the malice and hatred of the idolatrous western civilization that transgress those limits of Allaah that He ordered not to be transgressed. And that this malice and hatred manifested itself against four of the Companions of Allaah's Messenger (alayhis salaam). See that quote in this series here. The malice of Sayyid Qutb and his Takfir of some of them, was from a secular Jewish, materialist notion of "Social Justice" whose banner he was raising, just as Abdullah bin Saba' al-Yahudi raised it against Uthmaan bin Affaan (radiallaahu) and whose revolution Qutb praised as possessing the "true Islamic spirit"! How their hearts resemble each other, "This is the speech of a vile Baatinee or a cursed Yahoodee, a Muslim does not speak with this"!

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