Women and Children of Iraq: Say Thank You To Dr. Safar Hawali - He Brought You Freedom and Democracy
Wednesday, January 06 2010 - by Admin
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Dr. Safar al-Hawali said, proudly boasting, and addressing George Bush in his well-known, well-distributed letter to him dated 15th October 2001:

لقد حرصنا -نحن المسلمين- على انتخابكم ونحن نملك الأدلة على أن غالبية الأصوات المرجحة لفوزكم هي أصواتنا، وأنا شخصياً نصحت المسلمين بذلك

We Muslims eagerly desired to see you elected and we possess evidences that the votes which gave you victory were our votes, and I personally advised Muslims to vote for you.

Thank you Dr. Hawali. Hope you can sleep well at night after your advices to the Algerian people in the 1990s in your aid and support of the movements of Takfir in Algeria, and them taking you and your comrades as leaders and guides, and your encouragement for them to traverse other than the Prophetic methodology in da'wah and reform, and your preaching of revolutionary ideologies to the Algerians through your lectures and cassettes. Hope you can also sleep smugly at night, with the knowledge of the "freedom and democracy" that came to the Iraqi people through "your votes", and you even "possess evidences" that they were indeed your votes, how proud you must feel. If it was the case that the war-mongers specifically needed Bush to get into power to launch all these wars in that eight year period - which is what is apparent - then truly the Muslims are indebted to you for the freedom and democracy they now have the privilege of having, all thanks to you!

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin saw through you in the end ... and he exposed the Qutbi Manhaj you were pushing to the Algerians, and the lies that you and your comrades were using to deceive the Muslims (see here and here), and did you forget how a clarification made by Shaykh Ibn Baz convicted you all, as a matter of fact, as liars, du'aat of baatil (callers of falsehood) and stirrers of murky waters way back in 1992 (1412CE), after the Shaykhs of Madinah had already figured you out, when you took the Gulf war as a means to come out openly with your Leninist Qutbi da'wah?

You came out, belittling the scholars in the name of "fiqh ul-waaqi'", but the reality is that you were the ones who did not understand anything about "fiqh ul-waaqi'" as is very abundantly clear from your disgraces.

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