Shaykh Hammaad al-Ansaaree, Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan, Shaykh Abdul-Azeez ar-Raajihee on the Saudi State And Its Dissenters
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The people of Takfir and Khurooj, the defenders and allies of the grave-frequenting soofees and the mockers of the Prophets, revilers of Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhu), mukaffirs of Banee Umayyah, accusers of the Uncle of the Believers, Mu'aawiyah of nifaq (hypocrisy), ghish (deception) and khadee'ah (treachery), and [defenders and allies of] utterers of innovations comprising kufr - they are united in their hate of the rulers and scholars of the land of Saudi Arabia. And everyone who opposes them and does not agree with them in their hate, or their Takfir, is labelled "Madkhali". These people are characterized by a fake attachment to some of the Scholars. This attachment is only inasmuch as they can use some of their verdicts as part of a polemic through which they elicit Takfir of the government and to incite people against it. Beyond this opportunistic attachment, there is nothing else. Nothing. It is all an outward show in reality.

Shaykh Hammaad al-Ansaaree

The son of the great Shaykh and Muhaddith, Hammaad al-Ansaaree, Abdul-Awwal that the Shaykh said (as related in Al-Majmoo' fee Tarjamatil-Muhaddith Shaykh Hammaad ibn Muhammad al-Ansaaree wa Seeratihi wa Aqwaalihi - Volume 2, Quote No.67, Page 485):

All the nations today are enemies of the Salafee Da'wah in Saudi Arabia.

The land is surrounded by the Baatinees, the Raafidees, the Soofee Ash'aris and others, and no doubt they view their prize to be the land of the two sacred mosques. Added to them are the Leninist Kharijites who wish to remove those they deem apostate rulers and snatch the power from them. These people are upon the ideologies of Sayyid Qutb al-Ash'ari, who laid down his protocol of Revolutionary Ideology in "Milestones" basing it upon the ideologies of secular atheist Jews who were behind much of the revolutionary ideologies in the 19th and early 20th century.

Shaykh Abdul-Azeez ar-Raajihee

The Shaykh said (audio here):

So we advise the youth away from these false explanations, and the state, walhamdulillaah, is a state of Tawheed and judges by the Legislation of Allaah. This is the state (dawlah) of Tawheed, there is no other dawlah on the face of the earth that is a dawlah of Tawheed , which judges by the Islamic Sharee'ah, except this dawlah, so I advised the youth away from these false explanations, and these erroneous presumptions...

Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan

Shaykh Salih al-Fawzaan was asked,

What is your advice to the one who says that this dawlah (state) wages a war against the religion and causes repression against the du'at (callers)?

He replied, as found in Al-Ajwibah al-Mufeedah (p.117, 1st edition):

The Saudi state ever since it began has always aided the religion and its adherents. And it was not founded except upon this basis. And whatever it does at the moment in spending material wealth to support Muslims in every place, setting up centres and mosques, sending du'at (to other countries), printing books - at the forefront of which is the Noble Qur'an -, opening centres of learning and faculties of knowledge, and its judging by the Islamic Sharee'ah (Tahkeemuhaa lish-Sharee'ah al-Islaamiyyah), and also setting up a separate body for enjoining the good and forbidding the evil in every city ý then all of this is a clear and evident proof of itýs aid to Islam and its adherents. And this is thorn (shajiyyun, lit. grievance, distress) in the throats of the people of hypocrisy (Ahl un-Nifaq) and the people of evil and dissension (Shiqaq). And Allaah is the Aider of His religion even if the pagans and the biased partisans may detest it.

And we do not say that this state is perfect from every single aspect and that it does not have any mistakes. Mistakes occur by every single person and we ask Allaah that he helps this state in correcting its mistakes. But if this person (who makes such a claim) was to look at his own self, he would find mistakes that would prevent his tongue from speaking about others and make him feel ashamed of looking at others.

As we mentioned in a previous article, these people have no scholars with them, not in their Takfir, not in the Leninist methodologies that Sayyid Qutb brought to them from his socialist communist background, and not in their hatred of the scholars and the rulers. Even Shaykh Ibn Jibreen - whom they make an attachment to - was not upon the baatil of these people - (see here).

As for whom they call "Madkhalis" out of revilement, they hate them out of jealousy because they are upon the creed of the Salaf of hearing and obeying those in authority in whatever is good. And as for whatever evil occurs from the rulers then it is hated in the heart, and the correct methodology used in rectifying it, whilst acknowledging that these rulers do not come from Mars or Jupiter, they are from the very land and from the very people they rule over. So if the rulers are corrupt, or tyrannical, or sinful, or oppressive, then that is just a reflection of the people they came out of. And we have been advised by the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam), as reported by Imaam Muslim in his Saheeh:

عن حذيفة بن اليمان رضي الله عنه قال؛ قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم؛(يكون بعدي أئمة لا يهتدون بهديي ولا يستنون بسنتي وسيقوم فيكم رجال قلوبهم قلوب الشياطين في جثمان إنس)، قلت؛ كيف أصنع إن أدركت ذلك؟ قال؛(تسمع وتطيع الأمير وإن ضرب ظهرك وأخذ مالك)، رواه مسلم

From Hudhaifah Ibn al-Yamaan (radiallaahu anhu) who said, "I said: "O Messenger of Allaah! We used to be in a state of evil, then Allaah brought this good, which we are now in. Will there be any evil after this good?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Will there be any evil after that good?" He said, "Yes." I said, "How will it be?". He said, "There will be after me Leaders who do not guide themselves with my guidance and nor do they adopt my Sunnah, and there will arise from amongst them, men with the hearts of devils in the bodies of men." I said, "What shall I do then, If I reach that time?" He said, "Hear and obey the leader, even if he strikes your back and takes your wealth, then still hear and obey".

We have to remember we are dealing with two subsections of people: thsoe who make explicit Takfir of both the rulers and the scholars. And those who ally with these Takfiris, remaining silent upon their baatil, and their kharijite aqidah and agenda, and who have severe hatred and resentment to both the scholars and rulers, but who may not necessarily express their Takfir - and the fact that they ally with those who make explicit Takfir, and often make silent approval of their falsehood indicates that they may be concealing this Takfir and their resentment of the scholars in their hearts, but they nevertheless make clear their enmity and hatred of those who advise with what the Sunnah advises and what the Scholars advise of hearing and obeying.

Inside their hearts, these people have a problem with this hadeeth. It grieves them and pains them and the proof for that is their Takfir of or their revilement and their slander of those whom they call "Madkhalis". It is not the "Madkhalis" they have a problem with, it is actually with this aqidah (of hearing and obeying), and the likes of these revealed texts and whilst many of them make an attachment to some of the Scholars, they actually resent, if not hate these scholars inwardly, with their real allegiance towards the Qutbiyyeen, who oppose these usool and call for the opposition towards these usool.

So this shows these people are not genuine, they are fake, they are not sincere, their actions prove they are not sincere, and their attachment to these Scholars is an opportunistic one, it is not one based upon sincerity and honesty.

Shaykh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said (Minhaj us-Sunnah 5/248):

And the way, seerah, of the Muslims has never ceased upon this (methodology). They did not declare them (i.e. the Khawarij) to be apostates like those whom as-Siddiq (radiallaahu anhu) fought against. And this is despite the command of the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) to fight against them, as occurs in the authentic hadiths, and also despite what has been reported about them in the hadeeth of Abu Umaamah, collected by at-Tirmidhi and others [declared Saheeh by al-Albaanee] that they are "The most evil of those who are killed under the sky and how excellent is the one killed by them". Meaning that they are more harmful to the Muslims than others, for there are none which are more harmful to the Muslims than them, neither the Jews and nor the Christians. For they strive to kill every Muslim who did not agree with their view, declaring the blood of the Muslims, their wealth, and the slaying of their children to be lawful, while making Takfir of them. And they considered this to be worship, due to their ignorance and their innovation that caused to stray...

Built upon their falsehood that the Sharee'ah has been abolished or replaced, these people make Takfir of the rulers of Saudi Arabia in particular, and then they (the extremist ones amongst them) make Takfir of the scholars, and then anyone who does not agree with their falsehood, is also made Takfir of (by the extremist ones amongst them), if not at least scorned and reviled.

And who are these people and what is their spring and fountain and who do they defend? Their spring and fountain for these methodologies and those whom they go to great lengths to defend are Soofees who used to frequent graves and observe major Shirk taking place without rejecting it, and Ash'arites who who took the ideas of Socialism, Communism and Leninism and "Islamicized" them by changing the words, and propounded the methodologies of the Khawaarij through all of that, and as a result of their Extremism in these areas, reviled Uthmaan, made Takfir of Banu Umayyah, accused the scribe of the Prophet (alayhis salaam) and uncle of the believers, Mu'awiyah (radiallaahu anhu) with nifaq (hypocrisy), ghish (deception), khadee'ah (treachery) and what is besides that.

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