The Prophetic Hadeeth in Refutation of Sayyid Qutb's Secularist, Marxist Communist Principles
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With all of this, we want to refute this Communist Marxist defilement of Islam from elements of that secular atheistic materialist philosophy that Qutb tried to enter into it, and all praise is due to Allaah who refused to let the likes of Qutb from gaining the reigns of power and imposing this defilement upon the people, for if Qutb had gained power, we would have seen the people bear the brunt of his version of Haakimiyyah flavoured with the tenets of Marxism.

Sayyid Qutb and Confiscation of Private Property and Wealth by the State

The books Qutb wrote, "The Battle of Islam and Capitalism" and "Social Justice in Islam" were written from a Communist perspective against "Capitalism", and Qutb, having little knowledge of the religion, tried to frame that Marxist Communist critique of Capitalism, upon Islam and present Islam as having Communist ideals and objectives. In the book "The Battle of Islam and Capitalism" (pictured above), 13th edition, 1993CE (p. 44), Qutb writes:

بل في يد الدولة أن تنزع الملكيات والثروات جميعاً، وتعيد توزيعها على أساس جديد، ولو كانت هذه الملكيات قد قامت على الأسس التي يعترف بها الإسلام، ونمت بالوسائل التي يبررها؛ لأن دفع الضر عن المجتمع كله أو اتقاء الأضرار المتوقعة لهذا المجتمع أولى بالرعاية من حقوق الأفراد

Rather, it is in the power of the state to confiscate all (private) possessions and fortunes (i.e. personal wealth) and to redistribute them upon a new basis, even if these possessions had been attained (by their owners) through foundations that Islam acknowledges, and had grown (in value, quantity) by means that it (Islam) justifies. Because the repulsion of harm from all of the society or protection of expected harms to this society is more befitting to be given consideration than the rights of individuals.

The Scholars of Islam only allow the requesting of the excess wealth of the rich where that is necessary for jihad in the path of Allaah, should wealth not be available in the Bayt ul-Mal. Other than this, the only duty upon the people is the giving of zakah on wealth they have possessed for one lunar year, if it reaches a certain amount. However, Qutb has gone way beyond the Sharee'ah and has espoused the quintessence of the Marxist Communist justification for confiscating the wealth of the people, and actually allows the state to legislate laws to facilitate that.

Now Qutb is writing this after corroborating the core Communist principle that "all wealth is the fundamental right of the community", and he has affirmed this in his books, and we brought quotes in this regard in a previous article.

Qutb and the Usurping and Theft of the Wealth of Those Who Do Nothing With It

Qutb wrote in "The Battle of Islam and Capitalism" (p. 52)

والإسلام عدو التبطل الناشئ عن تكدس الثراء، فلا جزاء إلا على الجهد ولا أجر إلا على العمل ، فأما القاعدون الذين لا يعملون ، فثراؤهم حرام وأموالهم حرام، وعلى الدولة أن تنتفع بذلك الثراء لحساب المجتمع ، ولا تدعه لذلك المتبطل الكسلان

And Islam is the enemy of inactivity due to the accumulation of riches. There is no reward except for striving and there is no reward except for action. As for those who sit and do not work, then their riches are haraam and their wealth is haraam, and it is upon the state to benefit from those riches for the advantage of the society, and not to leave it for those inactive lazy (ones).

Qutb has made "tahreem" of the wealth of those who do not do anything with that wealth. And this is making haraam what Allaah did not make haraam and it is legislating into the deen of Allaah, that which is not from it, for the only thing upon the rich is to give the zakaah, and to fulfil the monetary obligations as regards to their families and dependants. But this is the influence of that Marxist Socialist nurturing of Qutb, and this Tabdeel of the Sharee'ah and this tahreem (on behalf of Qutb) is printed, distributed and read the world over, due to a people propagandizing for Qutb and his fikr and his books.

Concise and Decisive Refutation of Sayyid Qutb's Islamo-Marxist Secular Qaanoon From the Prophetic Hadeeth

Imaam Muslim reports in his Saheeh, from the hadeeth of Iyaad bin Himaar al-Mujaashi'ee that the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said:

ألا إن ربي أمرني أن أعلمكم ما جهلتم مما علمني يومى هذا كل مال نحلته عبدا حلال وإني خلقت عبادي حنفاء كلهم وإنهم أتتهم الشياطين فاحتالتهم عن دينهم وحرمت عليهم ما أحللت لهم وأمرتهم أن يشركوا بي ما لم أنزل به سلطانا

Indeed my Lord ordered me to teach you that which you did not know, from that which He taught me this day, (instructing me):

The wealth which I confer upon a servant is all lawful for him, and I created all My servants having a natural inclination to the very true way, but the devils came to them and turned them away from their (true) religion, and they forbade them that which I made lawful for them, and they ordered them to associate in worship with Me that for which I sent down no authority.

We have mentioned other revealed texts that refute these secular Marxist Communist tenets of Sayyid Qutb in this article here, but this text is a very clear, direct and decisive refutation of his Marxist-Communist ideology, and praise be to Allaah, that the likes of Qutb never gained power over the Muslims for we don't know what type of Haakimiyyah we would have seen there - one that admits to not only belief in the tenets of the materialist philosophies of secular atheist Jews, but their practical implementation too. So here we have making haraam what Allaah made halaal, and the incumbency of the state's confiscation of that halaal wealth, and that is called "stealing", and the justification of all of that through affirmation of the most foundational and pure hardcore Marxist-Communist principles which you find embedded in Qutb's statements above, and which you can find in the articles we have written on this subject previously (see this one and this one), which is that all wealth is "the fundamental right of the jamaa'ah", and that excess unused wealth is "haraam".

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