Sayyid Qutb, The Doctrine of Wahdat ul-Wujood, Imaam al-Albaanee and Abdullaah Azzaam: Part 1 - Slandering Imaam al-Albaani Because He Stated Sayyid Qutb Speaks with the Unity of Existence
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Concerning the Behaviour of the Qutbiyyah Towards the Scholars of Ahl us-Sunnah

We see today the drowning Qutbiyyah - their flag-ship vessel "the Qutbiyyah" washed ashore, she is battered and in ruins - unable to explain why they were unable for the past 15 years to show sincerity of purpose to Allaah and His deen in rushing to defend the honours of Moses (alayhis salaam), Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhu), Mu'aawiyah (radiallaahu anhu) Abu Sufyaan (radiallaahu anhu), Hind (radiallaahu anhaa), the Bani Umayyah and others, but instead they spent from their wealth and made such effort that would have conquered the mountains, seas and oceans, for the sake of an individual who reviled and abused some of those mentioned and made takfir of others amongst them!

With the hawaan and dhull (ignominy, humiliation, disgrace) they invited upon themselves through these actions of theirs, today, we see these people left with no refuge except to bark at the people of the Sunnah:

So, are you saying Qutb was a kaafir then! Go on say it, stop messing around, was he a kaafir or not?!! Just say it! Why are you holding back! Please, now, say it. I beg you! Go on, say he was a kaafir, I'm desperate now, and I'll even beg you. You see I'm feeling a little vulnerable and exposed now and if you make Takfir of him, then being a good little coward, I can then run with it to the world. Please?! You see I'm sat here behind my keyboard and I'm really cringing and biting at my fingers, please relieve my of my agony and distress. Just say "kaafir"!.

As a little background, Imaam al-Albaani, the Imaam of Hadeeth - whose word is taken with acceptance in the entire dunyaa regarding the sayings of Allaah's Messenger (alayhis salaam), and what an honourable position of trustworthiness and veracity it is for it to be said (صححه الألباني) - was the subject of an organization-wide boycott by al-Ikhwaan al-Mufliseen, and they warned against his da'wah (the Rabbaanee, Prophetic da'wah, in which there is wisdom and intellect) and also ordered the boycott of anyone who subscribes to the da'wah of the Shaykh - all because Shaykh al-Albaani pointed out the doctrine of Wahdat ul-Wujood in the statements of Sayyid Qutb.

Abdullaah Azzaam, although previously attending the lessons, acted upon this boycott and never showed up anymore. The Shaykh provides more details on the matter in what follows below. He had pointed out that it is not possible to understand from the writings of Qutb in certain parts in "az-Zilal" except that he speaks with Wahdat ul-Wujood. Within this context, we'll let the Shaykh carry on with the details through a recording of his in the cassette "Mafaaheem Yajib an Tusahhah".

In the book "Baraa'ah Ulamaa il-Ummah" (see here), there occurs the following in relation to Imaam al-Albani (rahimahullaah) and this incident (see pages 34-36 2nd edition).

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Explanation of What Appears Above

This is a summary of what is above with much of it being a verbatim translation, in any case the original sources are there (audio and text) for you to refer to and read directly:

Shaykh al-Albani mentions how seven or eight years prior (to the date of the cassette recording) al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen issued an organization-wide boycott against al-Albani and his lessons and against anyone who ascribed to his da'wah.

Abdullaah Azzaam despite being an eager attendant, acted upon the boycott and did not attend the Shaykh's lessons any more, at all.

Shaykh al-Albani met Abdullaah Azzaam at Masjid Suhayb, whilst departing from the prayer, the Shaykh gave him salaam, and Abdullaah Azzaam replied back with some element of shame (hayaa), because he did not want to break the order of the boycott. The Shaykh said to him "Is this what Islam orders you?" to which Azzaam replied, "The clouds of summer will soon be dispersed".

The Shaykh then said that after some days had passed, Azzaam came to visit him at his house, but did not find him there. So he then began to ask around and finally found out that the Shaykh was in his son-in-law's house, Nidhaam. Finally reaching the Shaykh a discusion ensued.

The Shaykh said to him, "What is the meaning of this boycott?". To which Azzaam replied, "You made Takfir (declared a kaafir) upon Sayyid Qutb". The Shaykh said to him, "Where did I make Takfir of him", and Azzaam said, "Because you say he affirmes the aqidah of wahdat ul-wujood in the tafsir of, firstly, Surah al-Hadid, and secondly, in "Qul huwallaahu ahad".

The Shaykh continues and affirms that Qutb quoted the speech of the Soofees and that:

It is not possible except for it to be understood that he speaks with Wahdat ul-Wujood, but that from our principle is - and you (Azzaam) are the most knowledgeable of people regarding that because you attend my gatherings - that we do not make Takfir of a person who fell into kufr except after the establishment of the proof. So how can you announce this boycott whilst I am present right amongst you.

The Shaykh mentions that they could have sent a person to investigate whether it is true that he makes Takfir of Sayyid Qutb. The Shaykh also mentions that on that same day, a brother, called Alee as-Sataree, also was present with Azzaam, and that he (the Shaykh) said to him, "Sayyid Qutb says such and such in surah such and such" and Alee as-Sataree diverted to another area of discussion saying that the man (Qutb) believes in Allaah, and the Messenger and in Tawhid and so on. The Shaykh said that "We said to him, O Brother, we do not reject the truth that he says but we reject this baatil that he said".

The Shaykh then goes on to say - and this is the crux of the matter and the main point of this article of ours - that despite this gathering, Abdullaah Azzaam, later went on to spread two or three successive magazine articles in the Ikhwani magazine "al-Mujtama'" in Kuwait, with a big bold title, "Shaykh al-Albani makes Takfir of Sayyid Qutb".

The Shaykh says the story is a long one, but the important point that the Shaykh wishes to draw from this is that,

The one who takes (from this) that al-Albani makes Takfir of Sayyid Qutb is just like the one who takes (and goes with the saying) that Shaykh al-Albani praised Sayyid Qutb in a specific place. These people are people of desires my brother! We have no way of standing in their path except that we supplicate to Allaah for them alone. "Will you then compel the people until they become believers?" (Yunus 10:99)

Moral of the Above

When you see prominent figureheads like Abdullaah Azzaam prepared to slander scholars like Imaam al-Albani, and choose hizbiyyah and party-spirit in boycotting others, in opposition to what Islam requires of Muslims, then it is not surprising one little iota that you see the minions displaying the same behavior like for like, craving to get an explicit statement of Takfir, which they can run with to the whole world. Dishonesty and deception is written all over their actions, yet they are so blind to it!

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