Shaykh al-Luhaydan: They Harbour Malice Towards Shaykh Rabee Because He Refutes the Opposers
Wednesday, December 18 2013 - by Admin
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Here is the audio recording:

Shaykh al-Luhaydaan was asked (6th Safar 1435H):

لماذا كثر الكلام حول الشيخ ربيع ، ولماذا يطعنون فيه حفظكم الله تعالى؟

Why has speech increased regarding Shaykh Rabee and why do they revile him, may Allaah preserve you?

And he answered:

الرجل نِعْم الرجل في عقيدته ، وغيرته على الدين ، ولا تلتفت إلى الذين يتكلمون فيه ، لأنه هو يرد على المخالفين للسنة ، المخالف يحقد عليه لأنه رد على المخالفين ، ومن لم يخالف لعله يحسده لأنه تنبه إلى ما لم يتنبهوا له ، الرجل نعم الرجل علما ودينا

The man, what an excellent man in his aqeedah and in his jealousy for the religion. Do not turn to those who speak about him, it is because he refutes the opposers of the Sunnah, the opposer harbours malice against him because he refutes the opposers. And (as for the one) who does not oppose (the truth), then perhaps he envies him because he is aware of what they did not become aware of. The man, what an excellent man, in knowledge and deen.

Something similar was stated by Shaykh Ibn al-Uthaymeen (see here) more than a decade ago. Due to his efforts in defending the methodology of the Prophets and the creed of Ahl al-Sunnah, many of the great scholars praised Shaykh Rabee (Shaykh al-Albani, Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen, Shaykh Muqbil) and their statements can be found elsewhere on this site.

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