Imaam al-Albani to Shaykh Rabee: Everything With Which You Refuted Qutb For Is Correct and True and May Allaah Reward You For Fulfilling The Obligation of Exposing His Ignorance and Deviance
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Baraa'ah Ulamaa il-Ummah Min Tazkiyah Ahl il-Bid'ah wal-Mudhammah

To the right is the cover for the second edition of "Baraa'ah Ulamaa il-Ummah Min Tazkiyah Ahl il-Bid'ah wal-Mudhammah" (The Innocence of the Scholars of the Ummah from the Commendation of the People of Innovation and Censure). This book was prepared by Isaam bin Abdullaah as-Sinaanee. It contains a refutation of the one who used the intercession of Shaykh Bin Baaz (rahimahullaah) for Sayyid Qutb as a proof for the 'adaalah (integrity) of Sayyid Qutb and commendation of his (Qutb's) manhaj, when it is not a proof at all.

The book, after compilation and authorship was sent to Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan who checked over it and made recommendations, and also suggested an improvement to the title of the book. Then it was read by Imaam Muhammad bin Saalih al-Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah), who made his own written notes on the pre-print copy that was sent to him, and he also advised that the section titled "The Salafi Manhaj", should be placed before "The Qutubi Manhaj" and not after it, unless the author had a specific reason for doing that. And images of these hand-written notes are included at the end of the book. We will be quoting from this book inshaa'Allaah in this series. Both of these scholars endorsed the contents of this book and the purpose for which it was to be published and distributed. And the purpose is clearly outlined in the title of the book itself. Namely, to declare the Scholars of Ahl us-Sunnah free and innocent (in particular Imaam Ibn Baaz, and the other scholars in general) of having made tazkiyah (i.e. given adaalah) to those who are from the people of innovation: In this case Sayyid Qutb, who aside from writing his commentary on the Qur'an upon an Ash'arite creed, added other great calamities, some of which are serious enough that they cannot really be excused by mere ignorance, such as accusing the Scribe of the Prophet (alayhis salaam) the Uncle of the Believers, Mu'awiyah - whose integrity is attested to by the Prophet himself - of treachery, deception and hypocrisy.

And this book essentially sunk their ship, leaving them only the flotsam to hold onto thereafter, which is what they have been doing since then.

Imaam al-Albani's Corroboration, Praise and Commendation of Shaykh Rabee's Refutations of the Ash'ari, Sayyid Qutb

This was written after the Shaikh completed a reading of 'al-Awaasim Minal-Qawaasim' shortly before his death. And this is also an uncovering of that Qutubi who used some very old words of Shaikh al-Albani to defend Sayyid Qutb and his heretical writings. It is abundantly clear that at that particular time Shaikh al-Albani had not made a thorough study of all the works of Qutb and hence did not speak in criticism of him. However, when the affair became clear to him at the hands of Shaikh Rabee' then he wrote the communication below:

Everything with which you have refuted Sayyid Qutb is the truth (haqq) and is correct (sawab). And it will become sufficiently clear from this refutation to every one who has read anything from "The Islamic Heritage" that Sayyid Qutb had no knowledge of the Usool (fundamentals) or the Furoo' (subsidiary matters) of Islaam. So may Allaah reward you with the best of reward, O brother Rabee for fulfilling the obligation of explaining and uncovering his ignorance and deviation from Islaam.

Source: From the Shaikh's own handwritten letter which he wrote prior to his death in 1999. A photocopy of the original is included in the book ("al-Baraa'ah") itself as an appendix.

Now what can you say about those people, who ten years later after all of these issues were dead and buried and Shaykh Rabee' was vindicated, by al-Albani, Ibn Baz, Ibn Uthaymin and other major scholars who are still alive, pretend these statements don't exist and try to deceive the Muslims through what are essentially statements coming from some of today's Scholars that were elicited through loaded questions, by the same types of people who were silenced and muzzled a decade ago? Go and take a good read of this article here, about what they are doing with the statements of the Mufti, Shaykh Abdul-Aziz Aal ash-Shaykh and you will know and understand the realities.

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